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Prince of Tennis Yaoi RPG

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January 11th, 2005

12:54 am - Teh buchou scores again.
Tezuka finished what was left of his lunch and looked at the clock. There was still quite a bit of time left, but he needed some time to... accomplish certain objectives. The first being to store Inui's juice in his PE locker. The boys locker room reeked, so hopefully no one would notice. The second objective was accomplished by walking into Mr. B's classroom. Mr. B was calmly correcting English papers, but when Tezuka entered he gave a startled look.

"I understand you gave one of my tennis regulars cleaning duties?!" Tezuka made every effort to make his voice as gruff as humanly possible, at the same time, he tried not to look amused at the teacher's wide-eyed expression.

"uh...uh..." Stuttering. "y-yes, I-I think it was for coming to class late this morning."

Tezuka harshly answered, "It was my fault, I made him late because of morning practice."

The teacher gaped, so Tezuka decided this was his moment to stand at his full height and make sure his shadow was directly over the teacher, "You wouldn't make him miss practice to clean if it wasn't his fault, would you?"

The teacher did not attempt to speak, but shook his head, not even beginning to think that he would ever dare ask Tezuka to do the cleaning duties.

"ii desu yo." Tezuka consented, "arigatou." He nodded to the teacher and left.

As soon as he walked out of the room, he smirked. Man, he owned this school. He felt like he was walking on air. It was hard not to be amused, but after a bit of enjoyable smirking that made everyone passing by wonder what was going on, he returned to his normal expression and resumed planning out the day's tennis practice and meeting in his head.

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January 10th, 2005

02:10 pm
Momo had begun shoving food into his mouth, the moment he'd sat down. Conversation wasn't much, since he was unable to talk. He was just starting on a sub sandwich, when he'd heard Tezuka's voice. Wincing, and choking on the bit he was inhaling, who looked up, frightened. His food induced euphoria was gone, and all that was left was the icy cold fear he was left with from the captains words.

"Ne, Echizen. Wanna volunteer to run my laps for me?" He cheekily asked the freshman.
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January 7th, 2005

10:12 am - Tezuka walks into a room... (okay, he was already in the room, shut up.)
Tezuka, though he appreciated the apology from Inui, it did little to nothing at all for getting him out of the same trouble everyone else was in. Everyone except, let's see... He thought as he pulled a list out of his pocket. It read as follows:

Kaidoh (excused)

It had become easier at some point in the morning to write down not who was absent, but who in fact, had bothered to show up. He crumpled up the list, and shoved it in his pocket without showing it to anyone. He looked around at the teammates surrounding him.


He pushed in his chair and stalked over to a table in the corner where Momoshiro and Echizen were sitting. Well, he thought Momo was in there. Maybe Echizen was just sitting next to a mountain of food?

He looked down at Momo. "Oy."
Without waiting for a reply, he continued, "I'd like you to meet in this room directly after school."

Tezuka sauntered back over to his lunchbox by where Inui was sitting. He sat down and pulled out what was left of his lunch and resumed eating it. Everyone should know about the meeting now.

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January 6th, 2005

01:51 pm
Inui coughed at Eiji's question and took the liberty of sitting down as well. He yawned slightly and began munching on some cold yakisoba he'd brought from home. Damn leftovers. "Sorry I wasn't at practice earlier Tezuka-buchou," he bowed his head, reddening slightly. "I'm afraid I over slept. But from what I heard there wasn't much to manage seeing as no one else but Echizen showed..."

OOC: I'm sorry, but I figured Ryoma wouldn't have missed practice, so I'm just saying he showed up. Hope thats alright.

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01:45 pm
Looking bored Ryoma flicked a piece of crumpled paper towards the front of his classroom. It hit the teacher square in the back of the head and he whirled around, glaring. Putting on his attentive and wonderful student look Ryoma feigned annoyance at some other boy. The teacher, smiling at Ryoma asked that particular boy to stay after class. Ryoma smirked. That brat had been giving him hell, now it was dealt with. He stood up as the teacher dismissed them and slung his bag over his shoulder. He walked towards the cafeteria and flicked his best friend on the back of his head. "Ne, Momo-sempai, you weren't at practice." he raised a sardonic eyebrow, shrugging it off and starting towards a table.
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01:35 pm
Momo yawned as he walked down the hallway to lunch. He'd fallen asleep in class, and was running late. By the time he reached the cafeteria his stomache was growling loudly. He got in line groaning at the wait. By the time he got up, all the good stuff was gone. He ordered his usual mountain of food, then looked around for a place to sit. Spotting Tezuka, Eiji, and Inui. Not wanting to risk getting in trouble again by Tezuka, he looked around trying to find Echizen.
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January 5th, 2005

02:43 pm
"Yeah...Mr. B." Eiji said absently. He wasn't about to question why Tezuka would do something as nice as get him out of cleaning duties.  Though it WAS for the sake of tennis.....
He watched Inui hand Tezuka a bottle of....something.  He looked suspiciously from one boy to the other, silently praying that this hadn't been something Tezuka would use later during practice.  He scooted over some so Inui could sit down with them if he wished. "You don't......drink Inui's juice for pleasure, do you Tezuka?" he asked cautiously. And, to his next proclaimation, he nodded in agreement, he'd be there at the meeting, wondering what it was for.

Current Mood: shockeddisturbed

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02:47 pm - Inui is here now!
Tezuka looked up at Inui, somewhat suprised to see him. Even more suprised when he suddenly thrust a foul jug of dark green content. Oh geeze, he could smell it from about four feet away, and just wanted to pass out. He had half a mind to pull him aside and ask him what exactly he thought "extra potent" meant.

"Ahh, Arigatou Inui." Tezuka replied, glad Inui wasn't saying anything in front of Eiji. He set the jug far off to the side hoping Eiji wouldn't notice it, and rapidly changed the subject.

"I'm calling a team meeting before practice today. We have some important team matters to discuss. Can you meet us here right after school?"

Tezuka figured the lunchroom was as good of a place as any to hold a team meeting because there would be no one in it after school, plus there were good vending machines. He liked to buy orange juice. He didn't see how people like Ryoma and Momo were able to stand sugary junk like Ponta, but he let them do as they liked. As long as they were still getting it done on the tennis courts, he didn't see why it mattered.

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January 4th, 2005

05:26 pm
Eiji began to rebuild his "house" of carrotsticks, this time going for more of a castle than a house.  Think big.  He stopped to look up at Tezuka, apologetically. "Today I'll be late for practice.  I've got cleaning duties for being late to class." Just thinking about that made him slightly more miserable, but he could shake it. "I'm sorry," he apologized quickly, "but I will be there ASAP!  ....and for...um....the activities afterwards!" he said, enthusiastically. Yes! He would perservere!

Current Mood: chipperwhat does chipper really mean?

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January 2nd, 2005

10:27 pm
Eiji was in the lunchroom.  He was sitting at the tail-end of a group of kids he was loosely associated with from the class just before lunch.  Eiji was currently busy trying to build a house using carrot sticks.  This was amusing him for the time being.  He saw Tezuka, met his eyes, and waved slightly. He needed to talk to him anyway.  In the process, his elbow knocked over his masterpiece. "Awwww, shoooooot."

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